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It’s hard to know where to start with all this social media stuff.  I have to confess that I have never been a social media user, for a few reasons really. Partly because I have never really understood why people would be interested in what I am doing on a day to day basis, partly because I have never really known how to take pictures or write snippits that I think people would be interested in, partly because I am a very private person, and partly because I’ve never really known how to do it (and still don’t).  I’ve had the odd attempt here and there but have been left feeling pointless and irrelevant so have stopped again quickly.

So when I started working on my new range of hampers and came to the realisation that the store would need to be a complete E-Commerce store, I realised that I would once again have to go down the social media path.  To be honest, I felt like a bigot trying to get my new range out there via platforms that I have never really believed in or understood – but I understand that to be seen and heard in today’s world, I have to not only use the platform but embrace it.

Why? Because this range of hampers is important. The range I’ve created are Cancer Hampers.  They are care gifts that I have spent a great deal of time researching to try and include as many products that help cancer sufferers as possible.

Help comes in lots of different ways, shapes and forms – not all of which are obvious.  If you look at my care gifts you may be left scratching your head as to why various products are included, fair enough too as some of them are a little left of field (such as the Stink Bomz lol) but they really are all there for a reason! 

I know I am waffling and I understand that some of what I have written may not make a great deal of sense but what I have decided is that I am going to continue my waffle into the future and hope that I can make a difference, even to just one person. If I can achieve that then my time on earth has not been in vain.

Cancer is not prejudice, it is not rich nor poor. It does not define us or control us and it certainly does not dictate who we are or how we view life. It is not a death certificate or a dictatorship.  It is however a battle – a war that we must all fight, directly or indirectly - but a war none the less. 

In every war there are many battles, some we win and some we lose but we can never give up the fight and we will never fight alone.

So….. where am I going with this ranting? I am here to help make a difference for those who are going through the war on cancer. I am here to help their friends and loved ones show how much they care and to make the caring relevant, enjoyable, compassionate and funny because when all else fails, we all need a reason to smile and laugh and this is the best medicine of all.

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