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My parents have always instilled in me that at some point we all should give back to the world that we live in.   It doesn’t matter if that is on a local level or the global stage, so long as we give back.

I am very proud to say that my parents have been giving back to their community since before I was born, and I'm 45 now. For them it started on a local level by means of being part of Apex (very similar to Rotary). From there my mum continued by doing Meals on Wheels which I remember doing with her from a very young age and I remember hoping that there would be some soup left at the end of the run so we could park under a shady tree and have a cup of soup together.

My dad has sat on numerous boards including those caring for people with severe disabilities, retirement / elderly care facilities and most recently, on a board for a new cancer ward in regional Australia.

Needless to say, I am not only extremely proud of them, I also look up to them and believe in what they have taught me. My mum has just turned 70 and to this day, she still does Meals on Wheels as well as helping in a community Op Shop. Mum has said she feels like she could be (and wants to be) doing more so she is now in training to do a 20klm walk to help raise awareness in her local area for the number of people sleeping without a roof over their heads. 

Over the years I have never really done too much. In fact, all I have done is given a lot of blood / plasma donations, monthly Salvation Army donations and hair donations.  Hair is an odd one I know but if it is one thing I am good at, it's growing hair!  I am a bit proud of this one because yesterday I made my 6th 30cm ponytail which goes to making wigs for ladies who lose their hair and can't afford to buy a decent wig.

Apart from that, now is my time to give back. Not just by means of donating money – we can all do that – but by trying to come up with a way that I can make a difference, albeit a very small one, to the lives of people who are, for one reason or another, having a hard time. Watch this space peeps because I have ideas in my head that I hope to make a reality!

No doubt this isn’t really a blog post but it is something that I believe in and something I believe is worth fighting for. Thanks for listening

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