A Bit of Everything for Little Boys

Sending Smiles 2 u


Especially designed for children aged from 4 - 8. Some items to snuggle, some items for laughs, some for comfort.

Gift includes 14 items (more really when you count all the cool 'Cars' products) all wrapped up in a gorgeous present that is sure to make them smile.  If you would like to add extra gifts for your recipient they will be gift wrapped and included in the same parcel at no extra charge.

Monster Throw Rug - super soft, cute and cuddly

Plush Monkey, BlueHappy & cute, cheeky and cuddly. Monkey has big soulful eyes, long cuddly arms & legs with velcro on his hands and feet so he can hold on tight. 95cm. Click the product name link to find out Monkey's magic!

Wheat Bag Buddy - Wheat bag buddies help warm you up, bring veins to the surface for blood transfusions etc and are great little mates to keep you company

Lockable Diary - Kids big and small love a lockable diary. A place to write their deepest secrets.

'Cars' 5pc Stationery Set - Includes Pencil, Case, Ruler, Eraser and Sharpener

'Cars' Large Pencil Case - Perfect to put not only the pencils in but also all the other items in the 'Cars' collection.

'Cars' Stationery Activity Book Set - Contains to coloured texta's, 20 colouring sheets and 50 stickers

'Cars' Classic Multi Colour Clicker Pen - We all love a clicker pen! You can't help but distract your hands with the 'click click click' of the various colours

Choc Chip & Smartie Cookie - 85gm of deliciousness! Designed to tempt them to put something in their little tummies.  For ingredient and nutritional information, click the product name link

Sad Frog Eye MaskLoads of fun and laughter for all with the movable eyelids for endless expressions. The laughs are great but this mask is even more effective at blocking out unwanted light while trying to sleep

Drink Bottle - Pop Top, BPA free and Dino makes it a little bit of fun too

Cosy SocksUltra soft, non slip pads & super cute. Great for keeping feet warm.

Drawstring Bag - Because they need a cool bag to keep all of their cool new things in - 42cm x 34cm

Visitors Notebook and Pen - The perfect place for visitors to write a note. A keepsake for the child to look back on in years to come.

A special card is included with every gift that has a lovely verse in it.  We can write in it for you or it is can be included as is. If you want something written in the card, include the details at checkout.

*All components are in stock at time of publication. Should any items be out of stock at time of order, they will be replaced with a similar product equal to or greater than the value of the original item.

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