Australian Native

Best Brew Tea Co.


A blend made entirely from the Australian Bush - responsibly sourced.

To brew the best cuppa:  1 teaspoon per cup (plus 1 for the pot if using a teapot). Use boiling water and brew for between 2 - 4 minutes.  Enjoy hot, cold, warm or even tepid.


This blend is absolutely amazing.  The health benefits include - but are not limited to - 

Lemon Myrtle leaf is highly anti-microbial (immunity to infection)

Aniseed Myrtle is very rich in magnesium, Vitamins E, C, Calcium & Zinc.  Aniseed Myrtle is traditionally used for weight loss, lactation & stomach complaints as well as having superior anti-oxidant capacity which slows the aging process.

Native Hibiscus (organic) assists in lowering blood pressure & hypertension.

Desert Lime has 10 times the amount of Vitamin C than that of the same weight of blue berries.

Davidson Plum has high levels of lutien which improves visual function & age related macular degeneration.  Davidson Plum also contains Anthocyanin - a powerful compound which assists with wrinkle prevention, eliminates free radicals, reduces UV damage, improves skin health & promotes collagen, elastin & elasticity of the skin.

Great for the entire family to enjoy on a regular basis.

ORIGIN:  Australian Bushland

Loose Leaf Tea

'Samples' are enough to make approximately 4 cups of tea

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