Great Australian Fishing Stories

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Author: Paul B Kidd

Paperback, 218 pages, RRP $27.95

Learn of crazed mako sharks attacking boats and being shot at by gangsters, of marlin with beaks like baseball bats and eyes the size of bread and butter plates.  Marvel at fishing cheats who've devised outrageous schemes and ruses to win fishing competitions, and a huge shark that vomited up a human arm.

Come with Paul on his adventures - some true, some doubtful and others entirely suspect - as he and his colourful collection of cronies tackle tuna, connive with crocs, are mauled by marlin, bamboozled by barramundi, tantalized by trout and almost decapitated by sharks with very bad breath.

And sing along with the fish to their favourite melodies such as Salmon Chanted Eveningand Mullet of Kintire.You'll find all of this and much, much, more in Great Australian Fishing Stories. 

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