Thanks for being so Funny

Sending Smiles 2 u


During challenging times there is often a special person who is there for us more than anyone else.  This gift is especially for those people who really made you laugh - the best medicine of all!

This gratitude gift includes 11 items all wrapped up in a gorgeous present that is sure to return the laugher.  

Coffee Mug - Prescription Coffee label makes this coffee mug fun.

Lunch Cooler Bag - With the environment in mind, the outer of this bag is made from sturdy kraft - perfect to colour or decorate with your own personality. Fits 6 x 375ml cans, insulated and waterproof lining, just wipe clean.

Lolly Stack - 3 individual pocket size pots of mini lollies. Varieties are mini M&M's, mini Musks and mini Mints

Fantales - Disguised in a medicine bottle. It's a bit of fun and an old time favourite.

Milk Chocolate Red Lips - Disguised in a medicine bottle. Creamy chocolate and a nice way to send thank you kisses.

Teeth - Disguised in a medicine bottle. 

White Chocolate Freckles - Disguised in a medicine bottle.

Milk Chocolate Rocks - Disguised in a medicine bottle.

Red Heart Lolly Pops - 6 flat, heart shaped lolly pops. Gluten Free

Life Savers - Fruit Tingles are one of the longest standing varieties from the Life Saver range; because everyone loves a tingle :-)

Smiley Faces Post-It Notes - 4 assorted smiley faces. Decorate them, colour them, write notes on them. Regardless of the doodles, you can't help but smile.

A special card is included with every gift that has a lovely verse in it.  We can write in it for you or it is can be included as is. If you want something written in the card, include the details at checkout.

*All components are in stock at time of publication. Should any items be out of stock at time of order, they will be replaced with a similar product equal to or greater than the value of the original item.

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